Being able to build a website doesn’t make you a designer

I meet a lot of business professionals when I am out networking. I come across many of them who took it upon themselves to “build their own website”. I don’t hate them for it, but I do feel some level of pity for them. They took it upon themselves to build a website that may be missing key pieces of information, missing key design elements, or may just be horrible.

It is true, you can “build your own website”. There are countless services that allow you to do it for little to no money. But building a website doesn’t make it professional or even usable to the people that need your website the most, the end users.

A web designer’s job is to point out and help solve issues with a website. To design and implement the website so that end users get what they need.

A business’s website, if done poorly, can cost more business than it brings in.

Some issues I have seen:

  • A location based business had no mention of where they operated.
  • A business’s phone number was hard to find.
  • A front page was nothing but text.
  • A website looked like it was built by a third grader rather than a professional.
  • A website where the images were placed randomly.
  • A website where the key points have been missed or left out from the front page.
  • A website was blank on a mobile phone because of how it was built.
  • And much more…

If someone wants to “build” their own site, at least consult a designer once you feel you are done. You may not be able to afford a designer, but you can’t afford loosing business either.

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