Justin A Byrd

Justin A. Byrd loved life. Every minute of the day provided an opportunity to learn, a chance to better oneself, and a chance to make a difference in the world. Justin’s curious nature led to a long list of hobbies and passions that he spent his time pursuing. One minute he’d be playing his harmonica or carving a block of wood. The next he’d be buried in a book, refining his skills of outdoor survival, enjoying the adventures of a literary hero or studying up on case law in pursuit of another law degree.

As a child, Justin was always a critical thinker and lover of the outdoors. He would spend most of his days outside on the farm creating things with objects around him. He preferred to be outside and active, but also had a love for reading, computer games and technology.

As a high school student, Justin excelled on the football field and in the class. He was an all-conference lineman for the Unity Mustangs and spent his freshman year of college playing football at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. His desire to learn soon trumped his desire to run over other large men in football pads and he began to focus his attention on the prerequisites required to someday become a lawyer.

Justin was drawn to law. It was a natural fit for someone to valued morality the way he did. It didn’t hurt that it was basically impossible to win an argument against him. Justin completed his J.D. at Northern Illinois University in 2012 and began to prepare for the Colorado Bar. He knew the mountains were calling and he had to go.

Justin was an avid lover of nature. He was always at peace in the mountains, near a river, or by a fire he’d built by hand. Justin enjoyed camping and hiking and was adamant about preserving nature’s beauty and respecting the earth. He was an animal lover and supported non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals.

A life in Colorado proved to be the perfect way to tie all of the things he loved together. He and his fiancé moved to Denver in July of 2012. In their spare time, they took advantage of the beautiful surroundings of their new home. He started practicing law at Blackfin IRS solutions. Justin always worked to find a balance between working as a tax resolution attorney, obtaining his L.L.M degree at Denver University, and enjoying all Colorado had to offer. In having everything he’d ever dreamed of provided Justin with a sense of peace that had eluded him for much of his life. He finally, literally, had it all.

Tragically, Justin passed away in July of 2014, three months before he and his finance were to be married. Everyone who ever met and knew Justin not only mourned his passing, but of the things he could have continued to accomplish. Justin’s family and friends continue to strive for greatness in this world and move forward with his legacy for hope, change, and progress for the future.

As Justin always said, “Don’t keep thinking of the problem. Think of the solution.”

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