A Cosmetic Dentist In Centennial Places Great Importance On Making Patients Comfortable

Desensitizers for particularly sensitive teeth have made progress in the improvement of pain management associated with dental procedures. A desensitizer can be applied directly to the teeth to provide a coating that will shield against susceptibility to painful sensations. It may make injections unnecessary, or work along with medications, for… Continue reading

An Easy Way to Avoid Phishing Scams

Avoid Phishing in Emails

If an email looks weird…it probably is weird.

If you aren’t expecting something weird from the person who sent the message, contact them with a new email or a phone call and confirm if they meant to send it.

This does 2 things:

  1. This confirms your… Continue reading

Chapter Goals 2016-2017

Money Passed
2113615 of 3000000
Goal for the year
41 of 50
Referrals Passed
Inside and Outside
1584 of 2496
One to Ones
Members meeting
1770 of 4992
46 of 48

Money Passed Previous Years

Money Passed 2016-2017
Thanks for closed business
2438702 of 2500000
Money Passed 2015-2016
Thanks for closed business
1852723 of 1500000
Money Passed 2013-2014
Thanks for closed business
1093747 of 850000
Money Passed 2012-2013
Thanks for closed business
806143 of 700000
Money Passed 2011-2012
Thanks for closed business
859309 of 750000